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Nowait joins Yelp

In 2016, we partnered with Yelp to connect tens of millions of consumers to our restaurant partners. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Yelp has acquired Nowait. Together, we’ll make even bigger strides in the restaurant industry by allowing guests to go more quickly from search and discovery, to dining at our partner restaurants.

The Wait is Over

Join restaurant waitlists without leaving the house. It doesn’t feel like waiting with Yelp.

Waltz In, Waltz Out

Everything is better when you feel like a VIP. Dining out is always a pleasure with Yelp.

Live Without Reservation

Dine out on a whim without worry. You can be confidently spontaneous with Yelp.

How It Works

1. Discover and Decide

Search “Waitlist” to browse restaurants in your area and find wait times that fit your schedule before leaving the house. Thousands of restaurants use Nowait and we’re adding more each and every day.

2. Join the List

Don’t waste time standing in a crowded lobby. Add yourself to a waitlist with a single tap right from your phone. Add yourself to the waitlist right from your phone. Check your place in line so you know exactly when your party will be seated.

3. Come On In

We’ll notify you when a text as soon as your table is ready. When you walk up to the host stand, you can walk right to your table.

4. Rate Your Experience

Write a review to help restaurants provide the best experience possible.


The Nowait Restaurant Network

From national chains to independent hot spots, thousands of restaurants across the country are catching on to Nowait because millions of diners are demanding it! Nowait restaurants treat their guests to the ultimate service. Why dine anywhere else?



Featured Restaurant: Burgatory

Burgatory’s fun atmosphere, reputation for delicious burgers, and decadent shakes quickly made it one of Pittsburgh’s most popular restaurants. But that popularity came with a downside: 2 hour waits! Burgatory turned to Nowait for help and now the wait is no longer a problem. When you know before you go, you’re always prepared and can make the most of your time.




“I was a bit concerned that there’d be a lengthy wait,
but I checked the Nowait app, and to my surprise, it said there was no wait (what?!?). True enough, my friend and I were able to walk in and get seated right away.”


Laura M. (on Burgatory)

Common Questions about Nowait


Q: How much does Nowait cost?
A: Nowait is completely free for diners. Download Nowait on your iPhone or Android device and you’re good to go.


Q: Which restaurants use Nowait?
A: Thousands of restaurants across the country use Nowait, from national chains to independent locations. You can search for your favorites within 60 miles of your current location.


Q: Why doesn’t my favorite restaurant use Nowait?
A: Nowait is a hospitality service restaurants choose to provide their guests.


Q: How can I get more restaurants to use Nowait?
A: Help us help you by sharing your suggestions with us and telling your favorite restaurants about Nowait via Facebook, Yelp or Twitter.