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While we are a technology company, at our core we are a hospitality business. We are dedicated to ensuring that every user, restaurant or consumer, achieves success with our products and are determined to improve the way businesses run and people live their lives.

Nowait began as a simple solution to a major pain point. While waiting 45 minutes for brunch one morning, our founder Robb Myer had an ah-ha moment. He realized that if you gave guests more control over how and where they waited for service, you would also help restaurants run more efficiently.

In 2016, we partnered with Yelp to connect tens of millions of consumers to our restaurant partners. In 2017, we are thrilled to announce that Yelp has acquired Nowait. Together, we’ll make even bigger strides in the restaurant industry by allowing guests to go more quickly from search and discovery, to dining at our partner restaurants.

What began as a text message waitlist system is now a complete restaurant management solution driving incremental sales for thousands of restaurants and a powerful consumer tool saving millions of users the most precious asset of their life, their time. A mutually beneficial network connecting guests and restaurants and disrupting the way the world dines out.

Hosting 101

Hospitality runs deep at Nowait. Our company is comprised of many former hosts, servers, operators and chefs. In addition, everyone at Nowait, from the interns to the investors, must take their turn behind the host stand. We each train at both independent locations and national chains in order to experience how different types of customers operate. From development and design to sales and marketing, our teams are more effective at addressing customer needs because we’ve literally spent time in their shoes.

This policy was formalized in 2013 after the founders suggested our newly appointed CEO work a couple of hosting shifts at one of our restaurant-chain partners. Here he witnessed first-hand the friction our company was working to solve. Read more about his game changing experience here.

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