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Getting Started

How do I get started with Nowait in my restaurant?

Just schedule a demo with one of our Account Managers and they’ll get you set up to give it a try. We’ll customize an account and get your staff trained up and ready to go. We can even set you up with an iPad if you need one.

Do I have to use an iPad / iPhone? Can I use Android or other? Can I use my Laptop?

Nowait Host is only available for iOS because it is the most robust and secure platform to operate on. You can use Nowait Host on iPhones and iPod Touch, but we strongly recommend using an iPad for best results. We can even provide you with one if you need. Just schedule a demo with one of our Account Managers and let them know you need hardware.

How do I get my restaurant listed on the Nowait app?

When you sign up to use Nowait your restaurant will be automatically listed on our guest app after two weeks of usage.

Will my customers get spammed?

Absolutely not. Nowait delivers your messaging to the guest phone numbers that you enter through the system. Nowait does not use guest phone numbers for any other purpose.

Does Nowait integrate with restaurant pagers?

Nowait can work side-by-side with restaurant pagers, and several of our customers do use pagers. Using the notes field, it’s easy to record a pager number.

Do restaurants in my town use Nowait?

Nowait works with restaurants all over the U.S. and Canada. Contact us to learn about restaurants in your area. Nowait can provide a restaurant operator for you to speak with as a reference.

Using Nowait

Can I add a party to the list without a phone number?

Yes, simply add the guest to the wait list without a phone number. These guests will have to remain on-site to be notified that the table is ready.

Does the customer need to have a smart phone?

Nope! Any phone that can receive a text message (smart or dumb) can be notified. Standard rates apply.

What do I do if a party doesn’t return?

Move on to the next party in the list to seat guests quickly and keep tables full. If a party doesn’t return, remove them from the list and the stats report will track this. If a guest returns very late, the host can always restore the guest to the main queue using the History tab.

How many times can I notify a party?

You can notify a party as many times as you like but only once every 2 minutes.

If my guests message me, can I message back?

Our Standard Plan and above offers the capability to send two-way custom messages back to guests.

Can I customize my messages?

Yes, all Nowait subscribers can fully customize messages for their first 14 days. After that, all customers who sign up for a monthly plan can continue to customize their messages.

Nowait + Yelp

So how exactly will a guest “Get in Line” from Yelp?

The experience is similar to Nowait Guest. The guest will see live wait times, enter their party size, and leave notes for the host just as with Nowait Guest.

What do I need to do to get my restaurant live on Yelp with this feature?

Give us a call! Contact our account management team at 800-705-1213

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