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We Missed One: Restaurants That Instagram

How could we leave out Instagram?

If you’re like me, you didn’t understand the Instagram fuss until you downloaded it and got hooked. Maybe you found yourself taking pictures of street signs and hubcaps (and altering them with Instagrams one-touch photo filter) like you were a born photographer. Restaurants are jumping on Instagrams popularity too, using their Twitter accounts to blast Instagram pictures to their followers and inspire social media engagement.

What is it: Instagram is an App (iPhone and now recently launched for Android) that takes pictures and makes them with a one-touch filter of your choice. It syncs with Twitter and Facebook so that none of your artistic gems go unnoticed, and like Twitter, you can follow people to see what beautiful things they’re snapping.

Social Power: Instagram has over 30 million users and 1 billion photos uploaded, which coincidentally is the dollar amount that Facebook paid for the popular App. Instagram is big, and with Facebook, its only going to get bigger.

Time Commitment: 30 minutes/week

What to do: Create an account and follow the three-step process: take pictures of the food and fun that happens in your restaurant, choose a filter to make it look great, and shoot it off to your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter followers by linking your accounts. Dont forget to hashtag your pictures so that theyre searchable in Twitter, and make it personal: your Twitter followers will love a candid shot of the chef, or a heart-melting pic of the hostesss dog. Encourage diners to take their own Instagram photos and to hashtag the restaurant in them for some spontaneous social media interaction. Visit your followers pictures and comment on them: this is their creative artwork, so a little attention can go a long way with building customer loyalty. Ava Kitchen & Whiskey Bar and Pizzeria Alto, both owned by Daniel Barrett, established a solid Instagram presence that can be seen on their Twitter feed: @AvaAlto. Their prowess over Instagram was picked up by an NRN article that also offers great tips on how to get your restaurants Instagram account up and running.

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