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Restaurant Spotlight: Pizza Man Milwaukee
Pizza Man sign and pizza ingredients

My favorite pie? Pizza, of course. From the wood-fired thin crust, to the sharpness of cheese that lies in harmony with the sweet puddles of sauce, to the savory mélange of toppings, that all come together to create that irresistible aroma that keeps us hooked for more.

If any place does it right, it certainly is Pizza Man. Pizza Man is a legendary pizzeria, serving the best thin crust pizza in Milwaukee for over 40 years. What’s their secret? Some speculate that it must be the fresh 100% Wisconsin mozzarella cheese, while others are convinced that it has to be their unique medley of toppings from spicy lamb sausage, brussels sprouts, to cream cheese. Others postulate that the secret must be in their old school style thin pizza crust, while many wonder if the true secret lies in their elaborate “create-your-own pizza” menu. Whatever the secret may be, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu here.

The “build-your-own” menu at Pizza Man definitely deserves some limelight. Customers get to choose from 3 different styles of pizza crust, including a gluten free option that is made from quinoa. Next select your base from the classic original pizza sauce, the italia, the Bianca garlic sauce, or the verde pesto sauce. Then the best part…the toppings! Pizza Man is a topping lovers heaven. You get to choose from a wide and diverse array of toppings including 12 different meats, 21 vegetable options, 12 cheeses, and 7 extras, which consists of items such as truffle oil, fried egg, and chopped garlic. Now you can turn the pizza of your dreams into reality!

Can you believe that’s not all? Aside from the extensive pizza menu, Pizza Man also offers a long list of salads, sandwiches, pastas, assorted entrees, plus a hearty drink and cocktail menu. A knockout meal here may be the only thing you can’t substitute here!

Pizza Man’s Director of Operations, Sarah Baker, told us why they love NoWait:  “It’s a great value add to our guests, we often have extensive wait times, sometimes our waits eclipse 90 minutes, so the NoWait app allows our guests flexibility to wait for their table from their couch or get some errands done while waiting for their table.”

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