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Nowait and Ambur App Partner Up: Revolutionizing iPad Technology For Restaurants

With the new wave of iPad Apps coming into the restaurant market, an increasing number of them can give restaurants the edge to maximize patronage and productivity enter Nowait to help restaurants seat guests faster and turn more tables. Our new partner, Ambur POS, is also utilizing the convenience of the iPad to revolutionize the traditional restaurant POS.

The revolution starts with affordable, consumer hardware. An iPad retails for $400 whereas a traditional POS terminal may run $2,000. Toss in a $200 locking stand for the iPad and the savings still exist. For any owner that’s had to deal with replacing a POS terminal, the shift to iPad is a big advantage since its a readily available consumer good. Add to that that the advancement in tasks you can perform on an iPad, and now several of the costly functions to run a restaurant can be condensed into the one piece of hardware, dramatically reducing costs.

Ambur’s benefits extend beyond the hardware savings. Where traditional POS systems have been convoluted and hard to adjust once set, Ambur backs up to the cloud and can easily be altered to fit the restaurants needs. Using the cloud model, this means that Ambur not only runs locally but also can be used in a mobile way. It enables servers to use the iPhone or iTouch to complete transactions directly at the customers table.

Ambur App implements the convenience of the iPad, allowing restaurants to move away from the traditional cash register. Using Ambur App on Apple products means there is no need for extensive training. Now that 55% of mobile subscribers use a smartphone (and 1/3 of them use iPhones), more and more people are familiar with the Apple interface, making apps like Nowait and Ambur App second nature. Anecdotally, its easy to see how fast younger users can pick up these new restaurant softwares now that they’re iPad based.

Ambur App is breaking the mold when it comes to innovative POS systems and replacing outdated, expensive methods. With countless uses for the iPad, it is becoming a benefit for restaurants to upgrade and employ new technologies that will simplify restaurant management. So our thought is, if you already have an iPad for Nowait, consider operating an iPad POS like Ambur.

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