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National Martini Day

One martini is all right. Two is too many, and three is not enough. James Thurber

The dry martini has become a timeless American classic; its strong, sophisticated, and sexy (which is what I certainly try to embody while ordering one). The traditional martini is made with gin and vermouth, but martinis made with vodka have become popularized by its most famous proponent James Bond. Today, in honor of the lore of this classic cocktail, we composed a list of the top 10 places to sit back, and sip on a beloved martini.

Gibson Martini atThe Happiest Hour, Manhattan, NY. The Gibson Martini is a cocktail with movie star status, as it has cameos in many top American films and TV shows. This timeless American classic is a mix of gin, blanc vermouth, dry vermouth, a house made pickled onion, and brine. If you want to indulge in Mad Mens Roger Sterlings drink of choice, this is certainly the drink for you.

Adams Apple Crisp at Crave Dessert Bar, Charlotte, NC. A sippable dessert drink menu? Yes folks heaven does exist. Nothing is as alluring as this luscious martini, Adams Apple Crisp, which is a blend of old smoky apple pie moonshine, apple brandy, prosecco, cinnamon sugar rim, and thyme.

Basil Pepper Martini at The Local Peasant, Sherman Oaks, CA. A savory martini blend made with a yellow bell pepper, basil, Dewars White, lemon juice, and agave. This cocktail is where sour, spice, and sweet meet, and will surely leave your palate feeling clean and refreshed.

Everyday Sunshine at Magnolia House, Pasadena, CA. A well-balanced light, fruity, and refreshing cocktail made with vodka, pineapple, raspberry, lime, vermouth, and a touch of bittersweet aperol. Everyday Sunshine is definitely a vibrant summer drink to cool you off.

The Sultan at Last Word, Atlanta, GA. Get down with this dirty martini comprised of evoo washed vodka, sherry sea salt, and castelvetrano olives. There’s something rather sophisticated and sexy about ordering a dirty martini.

Coffee Ice Cream Martini at Baileys Chocolate Bar, St. Louis, IL. This coffee ice cream martini is a rich combination of freshly brewed coffee, vanilla vodka, coffee liquer, and Irish Cream ice cream. You’ve got chocolate, caffeine, and alcohol all under the same roof, what more could we ever want?

Blueberry Lemon Drop Martini at Tavern on Rush, Chicago, IL. Stoli blueberry vodka, lemon juice, and simple syrup makes for the perfect balance between tart and sweet. This impeccable summer cocktail will definitely help you chill out.

Fortune Teller at Masters Kitchen and Cocktail, Oceanside, CA. Brokers gin, Campari, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur with fresh lemon all shaken, strained, and served up with lemon twist. This brings a new and surprising blend of flavors to an American classic.

Cinnichata at Cheddars, Aurora, CO. RumChata, Fireball Cinnamon whiskey, and Half & Half creates a sinfully delicious blend. The cinnamon in the Fireball perfectly compliments the vanilla in the RumChata for a rich cocktail.

Mojotini at Fez, Phoenix, AZ. With this martini you can get the best of both worlds as it pays homage to the mojito. Integrating a strong blend of rum, fresh, mint, and lime, this is sure to make your taste buds go loco!

Can anyone say is it 5 o’clock yet?

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