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Eat With Your Entourage

Want to eat like the Entourage quartet? Live the glamorous life of the rich, the famous, and the beautiful? Well you can! We’ve compiled a list of the top five hot spots where you may very well run into Entourage crew with your very own entourage! Wine and dine like E, Turtle, Johnny Drama, Vince, and our beloved Ari Gold. These places have your fingers on the pulse of the chic, bougie, and trendy restaurants to dine out at.

Crave Dessert Bar, Charlotte, NC. In the heart of Uptown Charlotte, lies this chic loft-like lounge with a drink and dessert menu with a seductive slant. Between the intimate mood lighting, ©lange of provocatively named cocktails, and a young, beautiful crowd, Crave Dessert Bar is a definite go-to for the Entourage crew.

Casablanca Lounge, Scottsdale, AZ. An elegant rooftop lounge with elements of a 1920s speakeasy is a timeless spot for all. From its exotic prohibition cocktail menu and panoramic views of the city, this is definitely a trendy place for the gang to go out and impress their ladies.

The One Up, Sherman Oaks, CA. This hip cocktail barcade lounge ups the cool factor in bars across the nation. Grab a drink and go wild playing vintage arcade games all night long. I really don’t think any other bar could more perfectly embody the hobbies of the Entourage quartet: drinking and gaming.

Cuvee, West Hartford, CT. In the happening area of Blueback Square, lies the intimate food, wine, and champagne bar, Cuvee. This chandelier lit venue with all-white plush lounge seating tucked away into secluded nooks creates the perfect ambience to bring any date. This is definitely the type of venue Vince would bring any one of his girls to seal the deal.

Up Thai, Manhattan, NY. A stylish restaurant and bar draped with colorful lanterns, gives a very chic, upscale vibe to this Upper East Side get-up. It is more than likely that Ari Gold would try to lock down deals with big clients at this bougie Thai place.

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