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Decompress and Dine Out This Fourth of July
Colorful fireworks

Get your red, white, and blue attire ready because the Fourth of July is just around the corner! Too lazy to fire up the grill? No problem! Plenty of restaurants are open, so kick back, relax, and leave it up to the pros! We’ve compiled a list of the most patriotic restaurants to dine out at and enjoy the holiday.

Wild Wing Café, Charleston, SC. Celebrate the Fourth of July at Wild Wing Café and enjoy live music and drink specials, plus their suck-the-bone-dry wing and rib options. They offer 33 different flavor options for their chicken wings from the bold, red, hot, and bleu, to mama’s southern Bubba’s BBQ recipe. I’m proud to live in a country where I can dress my chicken wings in any flavor combination that I want.

Sauced BBQ, Livermore, CA.  l I think we’re all in need of some authentic, Southern inspired BBQ for the Fourth. Come on down and get your fix at Sauced BBQ. From Carolina pulled pork, sliced brisket, St. Louis spare ribs, smoked sausage, to burnt ends, which are twice smoked, twice rubbed cubes of juicy brisket. I can guarantee you that you’ll be walking out of this five-napkin minimum restaurant licking your fingers clean.

Lillie Q’s, Chicago, IL. Nestled into the trendy neighborhood of Bucktown lies this hot and smoky Southern BBQ joint. Authenticity is essential here as each rub, sauce, and recipe is created exclusively by Executive Chef Charlie, and is deep-rooted in Southern barbecue traditions. The smoked pulled pork sandwich, smoked fried chicken, and fall off the bone spare ribs are a “must-have” this Independence day!

Ford Garage, Fort Myers, FL. This burger, milkshake, and craft-beer joint gives homage to American legend, Henry Ford. Ford Garage has the look of a 1920s service station and is decked out with actual Model Ts from the automotive giant as well as archived historical photos. Not only does the décor scream USA, but so does the menu. They offer a wide array of mac-n-cheese options, old-fashioned malted shakes, and a menu of over 180 craft beers. But that’s not all. Ford Garage offers a rare specialty: a 10-pound monster burger of juicy, Black Angus beefy goodness. This ginormous burger is the actual size of a Model T Wheel, and the bun is the size of a seat cushion! Is there anything more perfect than celebrating the Fourth with one of these bad boys?

Cali Comfort BBQ, Spring Valley, CA. If you’re fingers are not dripping with saucy goodness, then you’re not doing Independence Day right. Not sure what melt-in-your-mouth, savory meat you want to try? Well lucky for you, Cali Comfort BBQ makes it easy. The BBQ Combo Plate allows you to create your own two-meat combo platter from pork ribs, pulled pork, BBQ chicken, brisket, a pound of rib tips or tri-tip. And remember that childhood golden rule: “always save room for dessert?” Well here at Cali Comfort BBQ, this is a must. Their wicked peach cobbler is all their customers can rave about! So don’t make the mistake of overlooking this decadent dessert menu.

Slater’s 50/50, San Diego, CA. This contemporary joint is home to the famous 50/50 burger: 50% ground beef, 50% bacon. Is there anything truly more American than burgers and bacon? Chow down on one of these 50/50 burgers, with a bacon cocktail, or maybe dip your fries into some bacon infused ketchup, or how about a bacon brownie sundae? Are your bacon cravings satisfied yet because this is bacon me crazy.

If you don’t want to wait in line, why wait around at all? Don’t forget to use our NoWait App, to help you get to dinner faster! Enjoy the holiday right!

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