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  • Browse nearby restaurants for accurate wait times
  • Add yourself to any list and avoid the wait
  • Receive a text when your table is ready
  • Walk in like a VIP
  • Privately rate your experience
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Reap the benefits of serving the royal treatment

  • Delight guests with a VIP experience
  • Extend hospitality outside your restaurant and get discovered
  • Retain more peak hour business with more accurate wait times
  • Make more money by turning tables faster
  • Review private, verified customer feedback
  • Gain new insight into your business with daily analytics reports
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As fundamental as forks

The essential tool for both restaurants and guests, Nowait is the shortcut to amazing dining experiences. For restaurants, Nowait integrates, streamlines, and optimizes the entire front of house—from waitlists to table turnover to analytics and more—so that they efficiently provide amazing service. Guests use Nowait to add themselves to a restaurant’s list, get texted when their table is ready, and privately rate their experiences at the end of the meal. Easy to use and even easier to love, Nowait provides the ideal restaurant experience for both sides of the table.


Hours Saved Through Nowait

Changing the way the world dines one restaurant at a time

Millions of people across the country are using Nowait to dine out and thousands of restaurants are tapping into Nowait as their solution to superior service. Join the Nowait revolution!

“This is legitly the best thing ever and I wish every restaurant did this.”

Christina W.


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